Welcome to Jim's Place

I'm a retired ex-jack of all trades, master of none. For most of my working life I stumbled haphazardly from one career to another. I spent time in the Navy, I was a Disc Jockey, I sold life and fire insurance on a debit route in the deep south, and then in the 1980's, I answered an advertisement that took me north where I became a contract cable-television installer. 

I never made the promised $1000 a week. In fact, there were entire months where I didn't make $1000 while installing TV on the streets of Cambridge, but it did get my foot into the door of an industry where I managed to stay until I retired, and it led me from Cambridge, Massachusetts to Homestead, Florida to Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, through much of Venezuela and finally nearly 20 years in the Denver area, where I did indeed finally make a decent living. 

Now that I'm retired, my partner and I alternate between Colorado and Florida, choosing to always stay warm, but not too warm. 

Elsewhere on this site, you'll find a couple of hobbies - http://roots.jimr.com contains the results of many years of genealogy research - first began by my Great-Aunt Hazel Browne Misner and passed down to me on handwritten index cards. 

http://blog.jimr.com contains my blog of course, which I call Vociferous Rhapsody. It's mostly just me stating my opinion. I've been told that I can be somewhat acerbic, but it's my opinion and I reserve the right to express it.

Poke around. 



Jim Richardson